Searsport Teen Faces Charges From Belfast Crash

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 9 months ago

Police have summoned a Searsport teenager on charges of illegal use of inhalants and driving under the influence after a crash in Belfast last month.

Police say she admitted to inhaling a computer cleaner while driving, telling them she thought it was a harmless high.

Police tell us the inhalant can cause cardiac arrest and frost bite to the lungs.

The unidentified teen was in critical condition, but has recovered.

  • Darlene Radler Formanek

    what a stupid s….t

  • Gina Fowler

    These kids today are inhaling anything that will give them a high thank God he survived….it is so sad….

  • Janna

    She’s not stupid just young and hasn’t been taught right from wrong she hasn’t had good guidance in her young life..she made a mistake and is dealing with the consequences she realizes she could have hurt or killed someone because of her actions. One of the first thins did said when she woke up from her induced coma was I could have killed someone she wasn’t concerned with his she was she was worried that she had hurt someone. She is a good girl just going through a rough time right now but is getting better with speech therapy/ regular therapy she is learning from this . We all make mistakes.. God has forgiven her and has given her another chance to live her life