Brewer Woman Accused of Stealing Senior’s Prescription Drugs

Catherine Pegram

Updated 9 months ago

A woman from Brewer is accused going into an apartment in Bangor and stealing a 71-year-old woman’s medications.

45-year-old Donna Dray is charged with robbery.

Police say the victim told them Dray was one of two women who came into her apartment on Harlow Street last week.

The victim says one of them put a pillow over her face and smothered her, then took off with her prescription drugs.

Dray was arrested on Monday and is in the Penobscot County Jail.

Dray, Donna 5-14-14
  • trail rider

    dirt bag loser i hope you get raped in jail

  • debfry21

    eye for an eye

  • Judith Legendre

    This woman brother destroyed my sons life …when my son was 17 he hit him drunk and caused so much damage to my son he will never be the same …..I hope the same karma comes to him if not worse this is a family of scum bags …

    • Payten

      I am in this family and I’m completely normal and sane. I am so sorry that my uncle did that to your son but we aren’t all like this. This is embarrassing.

      • Anonymous

        Most of these posts aren’t very Christian-like, are they? Painting the entire family with the same brush is shameful! No one has the right to judge the family, judge the accused.

    • Common man

      What comes around goes around…. John Dray has made a lot of enemies in DE Maine.

  • Kisha Renee Dennison

    If the DIRTBAGS selling their prescription medications weren’t selling them, it would have NEVER happened, but it don’t mention that does it?? Plus, MaineCare/Medicare I’m sure paid for those medications which means tax payers paid for them and these woman in return sell them for money so lets just all feel sorry for the dirtbag drug dealers.

    • notsurprised

      If no one was selling them, I think this might be happening even more. It doesn’t say this person was selling them, more likely using them was the reason to steal them. Hopefully the victim is doing well.

  • Payten

    Nice to see this.

  • Judith Legendre

    Jhon Dray her brother hit my son truck with so much force that he lost a kidney ,collapsed his lung broke a arm a leg and put three tears in his colon…He was one week away form going in the air force ….all of his dreams was destroyed, mentally and is almost crippled ….He lived but will never be the same is dependent on drugs for his pain…what was done about it nothing he had no money because he him self was a dirt bag drug dealer ….he did not even have insurance …My son was only 18….Today my son is a addict because when he was in the hospital they pumped drugs right into his heart he came out of the hospital addicted to pain killers ….I lost my son that day he is not the same person as before this …

    • Common man

      Yes John Dray is quite the urchin. We would all be better off if he too was behind bars. Last I heard, he was selling his body for drugs in NY.

  • Judith Legendre

    hope he gets some thing that causes a very very painful death

  • susieQ09

    “If the DIRTBAGS selling their prescription medications weren’t selling them”
    the 71 year old lady had a pillow put over her face, they tried to
    smother her, and stole her prescription meds . Doesn’t sound like she
    was trying to sell them. On face book the girl in the photo is being prayed
    for by people who know her . What about the victim ? I am so confused.
    :( Anyone breaks into my moms, want to pray the police get to them
    first .

    • Judith Legendre

      Are you joking me …In your mind apparently you think every normal drug deal starts with a pillow over the persons face who is holding the pills ???

  • Judith Legendre

    I am and always will be mad at what a member of this family did to mine I think that is my right but if people know may son and know his mother when I speak from my heart this is me …….People ask were I stand on the war on drugs ???THERE IS NO WAR ON DRUGS its a war against people …
    We are punishing people for the god given right to free will only when we stop punishing people and start treating them is when we
    can we be called human again …..

  • Judith Legendre

    Many Many time these people will hang around the elderly they are counting on there memory not being right so they can steal the pills …..Many time while they are asleep this may of been what happened and she woke up …