5K Race Ignites Rivalry Between Camden First Responders 

Area first responders are gearing up for this year’s Run For Your Life race on May 24th in Camden.

“It’s a 5K race out at the Camden Snow Bowl, and there’s 12 obstacles,” said Camden Fire Chief Chris Farley.

Camden firefighter Cheyne Hansen has been busy getting it all ready.

“Coordinating work parties to go and build the obstacles and maintain them, setting up the whole course,” said Hansen.

The obstacles are based on real-life situations first responders see every day.

“A bull wheel lifting a weight simulates hoisting a ladder. So when you pull the halyard on the latter, you have to hoist the ladder. So it’s very muscle-based, very fine motor skills,” said Hansen.

From a bucket brigade up a mountain, to crawling through mud and barbed wire, the course is not for the faint of heart.

The upcoming race has re-ignited a friendly rivalry between the local police and fire departments.

“Me and a couple of the other new guys that just got hired on in the last year kind of took it on ourselves and said we’re going to do this. We’re going to beat the fire department,” said Patrolman Timothy Davis of the Camden Police Department.

“One thing I’m worried about with this race, is I’m afraid none of the cops are going to recognize me from the front, because they’re all going to be looking at me from behind. So that’s the only thing I’m concerned about, is I’m going to have to kind of turn around for them to recognize me,” said Hunter Schade, a probationary firefighter in Rockport.

The goal of the race is to promote recruiting needs of local police, fire and EMS and maybe break down a stereotype or two along the way.

“Another stigma for me that I would like to break is, you know, the typical doughnut cop. Most of us don’t fit that scenario at all.” said Davis.

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