75-Year-Old Man Opens Levant Food Truck 

Galen Adams is not a cook by trade.

“I worked for the sheriff’s department 33 years,” said Adams.

But after retiring, he wanted to try something new.

“Took this old camper trailer and made it into a hotdog wagon.”

He opened Papa’s Place this past Sunday on Union Street. Why is it purple, you ask?

“I went to the town office. She asked me what color it was going to be, and i said pick a color. So the lady up there said well purple sounds good. So she put purple on the registration and i went back and painted it purple,” said Adams.

Menu offerings include cheeseburgers, hotdogs, fries and soda.

What’s his specialty? “Hotdogs. They come out of the steamer. I’m pretty good with them, and they sell real fast.”

His wife Nancy admits she was skeptical at first.

“I couldn’t really believe it because he didn’t even know how to make himself a sandwich,” said Nancy Adams.

Galen says he has no prior cooking experience, but he does have plenty of family and friends to help him out. So far business has been brisk.

And at age 75, Galen has some advice for us all:

“Don’t stop doing what you want to do. A lot of people and a lot of friends of mine, they’ll retire at 63, and to me that’s when life begins.”