Training At Bangor Waterfront Causes Early Morning Scare 

Saturday was the kickoff of the concert season along the Bangor Waterfront.

All employees go through training, including the crews that set up the staging.

And one of their trainings caused a scare in Bangor Monday morning.

“We’re doing a fall rescue class today” said Mike Fischer of Production Services of Maine, “preparing our up and down riggers for the season this year, just to make sure that we’re ready to go in case there’s an incident this year.”

Some people driving along the waterfront thought there had been an incident, and calls flooded in about a body hanging from the staging.

“We apologize, just trying to practice and I guess it didn’t get out there enough for people to know that we were going to practice this today, and some people thought that there was actually someone hanging from the roof today,” said Fischer. “So it’s all good, we’re just practicing.”

There were two training sessions, with about 10 people per class.

The idea, according to Fischer, is to put the crews in real world situations. “We just go over different scenarios of how things could go wrong, how to get out of those situations, how to do it safely, correctly, what the OSHA standards are, just that kind of basic stuff so guys are all on the same page, and we’re now practicing it here today again with a mannequin, with Randy.”

And Fischer says the best way for the workers to prepare is by repetition. “Over and over again, just so you get the feel of it, how the gear works, and everything and how it all goes together, cause when it happens, yeah, you don’t have a lot of time and it’s pretty stressful.”