Public Comment Wanted on Crow Season

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 9 months ago

Maine officials want to know what the public has to say about crow hunting season for 2015 to 2016. Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will take comments until May 30th.

Crow season would be from early Feb. to Mid April and then early Aug. to late Sept. in far northern Maine. For the rest of the state the season would go from late Jan. to late March and then early Aug. to late Sept.

There would be no daily bag limit.

Comments can be sent to Becky Orff, Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, 284 State Street, 41 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333. Comments can also be emailed to or phoned to 207-287-5202.

  • justalocalreader

    You may want to edit your second paragraph for spelling. Where in Northern Maine? ” Feb. to Mid April and then early Aug. to late Sept. in fart northern Maine. ” lol

  • Dan

    The crow could be considered a friend of ours because they keep most of the small animals killed on the roads cleaned up. How about opening a season for woodchucks. They actually do damage to farmers fields and you can eat it!

    • OutdoorWoman

      There is no closed time for woodchucks. We don’t need a season.

  • bomro

    How about correcting Becky Orff’s email address?

  • Daryl DeJoy

    Killing for the sake of killing….how nice, and more bad examples for us to set here in Maine when it comes to respect for life. Crows are intelligent and sentient animals. The state should be ashamed to even be asking this question.

  • Cecil Gray

    This a poor attempt, and one without ethical guts, to raise fees via random killing. The Deer are in trouble, the Moose are in big trouble, the fisheries no longer supports a viable outfitter industry; the only thing going for our agency is the sad state of feeding bears millions of pounds of doughnuts and calling it state of the art science. Now we are being offended by killing crows for fun. Mainers need to wake up and demand better treatment of our wildlife.

  • Teedoff Mainer

    Thought this was Maine, the way life should be! Not the way people from away want it to be! WTH people! We have been hunting crows for yrs without an issue. So what has changed?

  • thurlowharper

    We already have a Season for Crows. Cecil Gray is a big supporter of the HSUS which wants to end ALL Hunting everywhere. Nothing he says will have any real viable impact on this question. Same thing with Deryl DeJoy, another big supporter of HSUS and director of WAM. These two will do eberything to blur the question of what is best for Maine and the wildlife. It is kind of like an Animal Horder, they think they are doing the animals good, but in reality, they are hurting them more than they ever help them. That is the HSUS and WAM. Not good for Maine’s wildlife because they have no idea what they are really doing to the animals in the end. Controlling the population of all animals is crucial to having the wildlife here in the future. Too many of one kind will end the life of another. There is a balence and the HSUS and WAM do not really care about this balance, and would rather have Nature just kill off the weaker species. Let’s be real about the Bears, keep the emotional game out of the debate. The HSUS and WAM use the emotional side of it to appeal to non hunters and city dwellers. But what they do not touch on is the fact that so many Mainer’s hunt for food, not for sport. By the way, Crow’s are edible. Ever heard of Crow Pie?

  • Jeanna Leclerc

    I think we should continue to have a season. It is my experience that crow population is rising everywhere, and those states (like NY) that already have too many crows creating a problem are paying biologist to solve the problem. Their methods range from making loud noises to make crows move along from cities to actually killing them. I don’t understand why we should eventually be paying for a service like that when management via hunters who appreciate the skill required to take a crow will do it for free (or even pay for the pleasure).
    Also – to those who think we need to “save the crow”, do you have any data to suggest that expanding the season will be detrimental to the crow population, immediately or down the road? To those who want to “kill the crow”, does anyone know how many crows are taken each year in Maine?