Game Wardens: Leave Atlantic Salmon in the Kenduskeag Stream Alone 

Stop bothering Atlantic Salmon in the Kenduskeag Stream.

That’s the message Game Wardens are trying to get across.

Atlantic Salmon fishing is illegal in Maine.

They say Atlantic Salmon were released prespawn last fall in order to restore their population.

So they say, if you catch one by mistake, put it back.

‘People just need to realize that there’s no fishery for Atlantic Salmon. They’re actually endangered. Even just taking them out of the water and taking what people like to claim as like a ‘hero’ shot to put on Facebook or a picture. It’s actually illegal,” said Game Warden Dave George.

Wardens say you can get fined for doing such things.

They say while several hundred Brook Trout were released in the river recently, it is fairly obvious when fishing to distinguish between a Brook Trout and an Atlantic Salmon.

Salmon are generally a lot bigger, but if you are not sure, just let it go.