Bucksport Teen Charged in Deadly Crash Appears in Court 

Samantha Goode, the 16-year-old driver in the deadly car accident that killed Bucksport teen Taylor Darveau did not enter a plea Friday morning in response to manslaughter and aggravated driving to endanger charges.

The mood in the courtroom was tense as Taylor’s friends and family members were there in support of the Darveau family.

Goode waived her right to hear her rights and charges read aloud in the courtroom. The case will continue in June, but Goode will not be required to be there.

Josh Tardy, attorney for Goode, says Samantha and her parents understand the gravity and extend of the loss and they extend condolences to the Darveau family. Tardy also says the judicial process has been tough on Goode and she’s fully cooperated with interviews and the investigation.

Jennifer Henaire, Taylor Darveau’s Aunt, says the family is dealing with the situation, “to be expected,” and she hopes the case brings the full truth out, “for justice to be appropriately served and for people to be honest about what really happened that night….Teens need to understand they’re not immortal, this does happen, lying, deceitfulness is not going to get you anywhere.”

Friends of Taylor say it was difficult to see their classmate in court, and that tensions at Bucksport High School are high.

“There’s Sammy side of friends and there’s Taylor’s side of friends and everyone at first was still friends with each other, but now it’s like if you’re a Sammy supporter, you don’t get to be friends with Taylor supporters,” said Kylie Wing, Bucksport student.

Wing and other students say they’ve been served detention for posting pictures on social media of themselves wearing pink in Taylor’s honor, and for mentioning Taylor’s name in school.

Wing says she hopes other students will learn from this terrible and tragic situation, “What Sammy really did was wrong, and that they [students] don’t do the same thing, we don’t need anymore death in Bucksport.”

Superintendent, Jim Boothby was not in the office on Friday to comment on the situation at Bucksport High School.