Bucksport Teen Charged in Deadly Crash Appears in Court

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 9 months ago

Samantha Goode, the 16-year-old driver in the deadly car accident that killed Bucksport teen Taylor Darveau did not enter a plea Friday morning in response to manslaughter and aggravated driving to endanger charges.

The mood in the courtroom was tense as Taylor’s friends and family members were there in support of the Darveau family.

Goode waived her right to hear her rights and charges read aloud in the courtroom. The case will continue in June, but Goode will not be required to be there.

Josh Tardy, attorney for Goode, says Samantha and her parents understand the gravity and extend of the loss and they extend condolences to the Darveau family. Tardy also says the judicial process has been tough on Goode and she’s fully cooperated with interviews and the investigation.

Jennifer Henaire, Taylor Darveau’s Aunt, says the family is dealing with the situation, “to be expected,” and she hopes the case brings the full truth out, “for justice to be appropriately served and for people to be honest about what really happened that night….Teens need to understand they’re not immortal, this does happen, lying, deceitfulness is not going to get you anywhere.”

Friends of Taylor say it was difficult to see their classmate in court, and that tensions at Bucksport High School are high.

“There’s Sammy side of friends and there’s Taylor’s side of friends and everyone at first was still friends with each other, but now it’s like if you’re a Sammy supporter, you don’t get to be friends with Taylor supporters,” said Kylie Wing, Bucksport student.

Wing and other students say they’ve been served detention for posting pictures on social media of themselves wearing pink in Taylor’s honor, and for mentioning Taylor’s name in school.

Wing says she hopes other students will learn from this terrible and tragic situation, “What Sammy really did was wrong, and that they [students] don’t do the same thing, we don’t need anymore death in Bucksport.”

Superintendent, Jim Boothby was not in the office on Friday to comment on the situation at Bucksport High School.

  • chip

    enough already….

  • justify

    “Justice consists not in Being neutral between right and wrong. But in finding out the right and upholding it.Wherever found. against The wrong
    ………………….Theodore Roosevelt

  • momof5

    Would you say ” enough already” if it was your daughter killed ? Geeeee I hope not !!!

  • Jess Leland Hayes

    And the bullying and Sami bashing continues…. I bet there is more truth that needs to come out however not just about the driver. Shes got a life sentence already… Kick her while shes down why dont ya!

    • momof4

      Please define how this media coverage is bullying Samantha? And how can you possibly say the family directs their anger to everyone else when they have done so well in just 7 months to raise awareness and they don’t even mention negativity that I can see in their efforts? Could you do that from your grief bed just 1 month after your daughter passing? A teen made a poor decision and a LIFE was taken because of her racing another driver and now her charges are public because she KILLED someone with her recklessness and is charged with 2 felonies. Its the bed she made with her own choices. In the END, she is the one who made this bed. And OF COURSE there is more evidence to come out…this is only the beginning. The 2nd racing driver has been charged with misdemeanors and because they are not felonies they are not the DAs to handle nor would they be in the media. You people who excuse her behavior as just being “something kids do or shes just a kid” are exactly the reason kids feel they are invincible! Unless our community starts holding teens according to the law accountable for such deaths as these, the message will continue to be sent to teens that their age makes them exempt from being responsible for injuries and deaths. Its time for MORE legal action that will hold kids responsible for their poor choices on the road or raise the driving age if ADULTS continue to excuse their actions as “age related”. Teen driving crashes are the #! killer of teens!!!!! Just because she is 16, has to LIVE with it, and face the ridicule from society for her choices that only SHE had control over….doesn’t make this “OK” or a “done deal”, It doesn’t work like that. A precious girl who was gifted and had so much to give in this world is forever gone. Her family deserves to feel as though her death is not “excused” as an “oopsy! A 16 year old screwed up and will live with it now. Oh well! Lets all move on and forget about it”. This mentality must hurt the parents of Taylor so much. THEY have lost their daughter….forever. And to have those uneducated about the facts just excuse Samanthas actions is like salt in wounds Im sure. I hope every teen watching this case sees an example of a preventable and traumatic death by choices of a reckless driver, our court system appropriately hands down consequences, the driver finally apologizes to the family, and the Darveau’s allow Samantha to work with them in the TAYLOR Foundation to tell this powerful story from Oct 3rd to sentencing in an effort to get the word out to every high school and drivers ed class in our state. This is a long process….from death to forgivenes. Its not our path, so we shouldnt judge it.

  • Jacy6474 .

    Yes, if it was my daughter killed I would say “enough already” It may be a hard choice to make but yes.

    “I’ll give my stone to the first man who tells me that he has never sinned.” -Jesus

    • Indigenous_Woman

      I frankly do not believe your comment. Nice touch using our Lord, but remember, that Jesus also knows what’s really in your heart!

      • Jacy6474 .

        I am glad that He does, thank you for the education, =)

      • Jacy6474 .

        You are obviously really close to the situation & I am sorry for your pain. Prosecuting Sami, a child, will not bring Taylor back. Sending a child to jail for years will not bring another child back when they both made the choice to get in the car. Yes, Sami was driving but it could have just as easily been Taylor driving. I have read your comments & you are lashing out in anger & pain, I am so sorry. Loosing a child is the most painful experience a parent can go through. I pray that both families can come together in this tragedy considering they were best friends that made a bad choice.

        • momof4

          Pssst! She was RACING AN OTHER CAR! How is that Taylor’s fault? Was she pushing the gas pedal as she begged the driver to stop and slow down?! She’s negligent and responsible for a death…Therefore the manslaughter charge!

          • Jacy6474 .

            Hate is easy. Love takes courage.
            I wasn’t there. I didn’t witness anything and I can only guess you didn’t either.

          • Shelby

            I honestly think that it was Taylor’s fault just as it was SAMs fault. The people she was racing should get a fine and license taken away from driving to endangers and criminal speeding.

        • lastofthelitter

          You may mean well, but what’s important is that you’re not the one who has lost a child. You shouldn’t expect Taylor’s friends and family to take the high road, and your comments probably come across as preaching from a total stranger. That’s not what they need.

          • Jacy6474 .

            My family has lost a child and a friend has lost a child, you never get over it. The pain eases but you never get over it.

  • Jordan Garland

    I don’t know much about this whole situation, but I would like to put my two cents in. We all know that what Samantha did was wrong and that she shouldn’t have been driving with another teen in the car, as her 9 months weren’t up yet, but I don’t think she should be charged with manslaughter. That’s a little over the top. She already has to live with the fact that Taylor was killed in the accident she caused and in all honesty, I think that’s enough punishment as it is.

    • Indigenous_Woman

      And, so she broke the law by having another minor in the car, she was speeding AND she killed Taylor, and that’s enough? Consequences!


      /ˈkɒnsɪˌkwɛns, -kwəns/ Show Spelled [kon-si-kwens, -kwuhns]

      1. the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving.
      2. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome.
      3. the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning; inference.
      4. importance or significance: a matter of no consequence.
      5. importance in rank or position; distinction: a man of great consequence in art.

      How interesting that reckless driving was used as an example. The only thing missing is reckless driving after breaking the law twice, resulting in death.

      What Samantha has to live with: Conscience. THAT is her cross to bear.

      con·science noun ˈkän(t)-shən(t)s

      the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong

      : a feeling that something you have done is morally wrong

      Full Definition of CONSCIENCE

      1 a : the sense or consciousness of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good
      b : a faculty, power, or principle enjoining good acts
      c : the part of the superego in psychoanalysis that transmits commands and admonitions to the ego
      2 archaic : consciousness
      3 : conformity to what one considers to be correct, right, or morally good : conscientiousness

      What will the next bad choice be that Samantha makes perhaps harming herself and more people? Does she understand that you don’t get a free pass because her ego got in the way of the right choice?
      Did her parents instill in her the difference between right and wrong?
      Does the school realize that they are causing the divide in their school by allowing this kid back into the school which is a constant reminder of this tragedy?

      Is it ENOUGH??? REALLY??? Look Taylor’s family in the eye and tell them that it’s enough. When you do, be ready for a reaction that is likely not NEARLY enough!

      And a final question… As prom season is here, does Samantha get to go to the prom to dance off into the sunset and have a great time, while Taylor’s friends miss her?

      Harsh?? You got it! Words like “bad choices”, unfortunate, enough ,don’t even come close to the years that family will suffer as they watch Samantha grow up, go to prom, graduate, get married and have children!

      I do hope the court sends a very firm and strict message and the driver does jail time. It WAS premeditated. It WAS deliberate. Perhaps kids will realize that there are laws for a reason and they seriously DO NOT know better!

      • Blake45

        The fact that so many people hate Sami due to the fact that people are bullying her, I don’t think that she might have the best life. I don’t think bullying is a consequence to what happened. Yes, I understand that people can definitely be angry at what happened, but bullying her constantly is going to make her feel worse and worse about herself. Taylor’s family is never going to live it down, or her friends. The fact that the media is sending out her photo and people online saying that she is a murderer, will cause other people to see it that don’t even know her. This site, AND PHOTO, is spread throughout the State of Maine. These people can find her on Facebook (On another article, it gave a link to her Facebook) and harass her horribly. They can threaten to do horrible things to her. Due from, personal experience, after a certain amount of bullying and harassment, you start you contemplate about suicide. Are you saying that this harassment and bullying, which could drive Sami over the edge, is just CONSEQUENCES? Not to mention the fact that I HAVE heard and seen (on social networking sites) that some people want to kill Sami and brutally beat her. But oh, of course, it’s just a CONSEQUENCE, right?
        Sami should have the right to go to school. She needs and wants an education.This town isn’t divided because Samantha is in the school. The school and town would still be divided if she wasn’t in the school. As your words, ‘Constant reminder or this tragedy’, Taylor’s close friends and adoptive brother go to the school. As the kids see them in the hallway, they could think of Taylor, doesn’t that make it a reminder of Taylor? Doesn’t that mean that they should be taken out of school too? There are posters hanging up in the walls of the school about Taylor. There is a Taylor Whitney Foundation. Doesn’t that all make a constant reminder to all the people of school, who walk by the multiple papers that are hung on the walls about her, and the announcements (Which recently have been coming daily) a huge reminder of Taylor?

        • momof4

          I think the point was that seeing Sami in school reminds them that SHE is responsible for Taylors death and its hard to see her. I m sure Taylors little brother feels alot of emotions seeing the girl who made choices that led to his sisters death and sees her carry on in school and sports as though nothing has happened while he feels such pain in his heart and has to just try to learn. As far as others seeing him in the school and being a reminder to them of Taylor….i feel your response is a bit juvenile. Any reminder when they see him about Taylor would only be sympathy and positive…not like the anger students would have when seeing Samantha.

    • Shelby

      I agree with you 100% on this

  • Blake45

    First off, the fact that they keep releasing Sami’s information on here is ridiculous. Sami is such a brave solider, and the fact that the damn media releases more information about her is horrible. Too many people bully her and she is going to have to carry this burden on her shoulders for the rest of her life. She is never going to be able to live it down, and she will always have guilt. She already gets enough glares in the hallway and being called names. We understand what Sami did was wrong, but she already understands that.
    Second off, only certain parts of this ‘story’ is being told. Students are sneaking onto their phones during school and posting things such as “Murder” all over public sites such as Facebook and Instagram. So the school had to enforce the ‘no phone’ rule due to the fact that about five people (or more) were posting hateful comments and calling her names.

    • Indigenous_Woman

      Consequences! She killed someone.( She understands it now that Taylor is dead??) Deliberately, by breaking the law. And no plea? Why not just plead guilty and get it over with rather than try to garner sympathy and use the legal system? Poor Sami! No! Poor Taylor and Taylor’s family and Taylor’s friends. If Sami is so brave but can’t handle this, she should transfer out of Bucksport HS. I’m sure that would alleviate some of the problems you cited. Frankly, there should be a NO PHONE rule anyway. Kids are there to learn, not to text or to send photos. It’s bad choices just like that, that creates a lax atmosphere and leads to pushing the envelope. In this case however, it was pushing the gas pedal, illegally, resulting in a life that was taken by poor Sami.

  • unknown

    Sammi will be judged under US laws. She was child who made a extremely bad choice. Taylor was not a nice person she was part of a clicky group and very mean. Not many students reallyll knew her. She was a special ed student with problems. The adults made he decision to let her be in the car without checking with other adults Sammi,’s mother it was their decisions.

    • Amber

      I cannot even believe this was written, Taylor was an absolutely beautiful person inside as well as out! This sweet girl baked my son a birthday cake and brought it to him at school, just to see him smile! Does that sound like a mean girl to you? She had a huge heart as well as a huge smile that she shared with everyone! Just another example: at Tays funeral, a boy from her drivers ed class, sat in front of my son and I and told us that she made him feel welcome immediately in a class where he didn’t know anyone! As far as here being in any one “click” she would go above and beyond to include anyone that needed a friend! This amazing young ladies death has left many people totally heartbroken!!! The school is now broken as well as so many students!!! Just because test scores are up doest mean these kids are OK….THEY ARE HEARTBROKEN!!! I really can’t believe the b.s. I just read on here, I would really recommend talking to some of these children that lost a dear and wonderful friend! I can guarantee they would not tell you she was a mean person! She was a young girl with a huge heart, that cared big and would find a way to be there for anyone of her friends! Please before badmouthing this angel, I wish you would do some research and learn how if she was going to do anything, she was going to do it BIG!!! She gave everything to any activity!

  • unknown

    As my child said who was in school with Taylor, don’t ever hold someone more accountable for a decision I made.

  • Guest

    I think the fact that a bunch of grown adults are on here fighting over right and wrong is sad in itself I grew up in bucksport and have family that has been affected by this tragedy and this crap needs to stop between both sides the law will take care of it nothing any of you say on here will change anything you are just spewing venom and hatred towards both sides when in this situation love and remembering and forgiveness are the only things that will help in this hard time so lets stop making the situation worse and start showing are age and being adults be a good example to the kids in bucksport looking stop teaching them hatred its sickening

  • Denise

    So sad for everyone and the community

    • george

      What happened to Taylor was an absolute tragedy that many will never totally recover from. As we try to work through the end of one life and the upheaval of another; I think it would be helpful to ask ourselves….As Taylor looks down on me from Heaven, is she happy and proud of the way I have conducted myself through this tragedy? Have I made her smile?….

      • Mary

        Taylor should never have gotten into that car. She should have known better. It is not Sam’s fault at all so stop blaming her.

        • george

          You missed the meaning of my post. Please read it again with an open mind. Its not blaming or against anyone.

  • whs

    Kids do a lot of stupid things with cars. They always have and they always will. It’s really a shame that this time it turned into a tragic loss of life.
    My question is, where are the people in the other car that was racing this girl, and who were they? Someone knows. Were they friends, classmates, members of the football team, boyfriends, just guys chasing girls? They left the scene of an accident that they are partially responsible for? Someone knows if they cut this car off in an effort to win or not. It’s certainly possible. What is known is that they left these girls in a ditch. Sadly to die. They drove away. What happened to one of the biggest mantra’s of today? I’ve got your back. In this case it was in the rear view mirror. How about the kid that says he saw the accident? He said there was a lot of smoke and he saw the car in the ditch. Did he see the other car? Can he identify it? Them? Someone knows the answers. Before you start saying it all happened so fast, they were scared, it won’t bring Taylor back, etc. and beating me up over my statements, think about it. They helped cause this accident, even if it was just by being in the race. It’s just like a police chase or any other race. No one goes faster than it takes to win, and no one stops til the race is over. Whomever they are, they have to live with the fact that they ran away and left their friends to die. The people that know who they are, have to live with the perpetuation of a cover up.

  • bhsstudent3

    I’m tired of reading all of these comments. Yes, Taylor got into the car willingly, did she know they were going to race? None of us will ever know because Sami took that option away from us. Do I think Sami had the intentions of hurting Taylor or killing her? No. I know she would never plan to do that. But at the same time, even if Taylor willingly stepped into that car, if she knew they were going to race, even if she wasn’t scared at how fast they were going (Which I imagine she was scared for her life) she wasn’t the one with her hands on the wheel, she wasn’t the one with her foot on the pedal. She was a PASSENGER, she had NO control over that car, so please don’t blame her, her life was taken that night. There is absolutely NO need to put blame on a person who is dead who can’t even stand up for them self. As far as the other driver, it is a separate matter, it has nothing to do with the article posted above. This one is about how the SCHOOL is handling the issue, not how the judge and DA is. AND for all of you saying “she already has to live with what she did, that should be punishment enough” I want you to take a second and think about if you’d still feel that way if your daughter was the one killed that night. Would you still be able to sit there and tell all of us that Sami already has enough punishment? Yes it is sad that is had to be a classmate of mine who is being charged this way, but at the same time, the lesson here needs to be taught. Driving to endanger CAN and USUALLY does end up in someones death. Just like Kylie stated up there, she wants EVERYONE to learn from this, not just Sami. I’ve heard her say multiple times it’s not just about Sami anymore, it’s about ALL teens. And finally, I was in the same drivers ed class and Sami. I heard how many times our instructor told us that having your license is a privilege, not a right. and what happens in your car when your driving, is your responsibility. If we’re old enough to have our license, we need to be old enough to take responsibility for our actions. If being 16 is still “a kid” then why would they give us our license at that age and tell us it’s an adult privilege? I’m not trying to change anyones minds, everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to them. I’m just throwing some things out there to think about.

  • jejofan1

    I absolutley sympathize with the darveau family and can’t imagine their pain…but…..it can never bring back their daughter by sending the other girl to jail,I’m sure she and her family are also suffering over this tradgedy.The fact remains that both of these girls willingly got into that car together and made a choice that has ruined lives..yes there should be punishment for sure,but manslaughter I don’t think so! This poor girl has to live the rest of her life with what happenedit could have just as easily been the darveau family in the other familys position..kids get their liscences way too young and parents need to keep a tighter reign on their kids…Rip taylor may your family find peace…and to the goode family I hope you can all find peace and that samantha knows that although t seems dark now,it will get better and you can find a way to honor taylor so her death was not in vain