Testimony Surrounds Guns at Triple Murder Trial 

The gun prosecutors say was used to kill three people found in a burning car in Bangor in 2012 was the focus in court Thursday.

Nicholas Sexton and Randall Daluz are accused of three murders and arson.

Drugs and where the three victims, Nicolle Lugdon, Daniel Borders, and Lucas Tuscano were found dead, dominated testimony the past few days.

Thursday, though, it was all about guns.

A handgun and a revolver are key pieces of evidence.

They were found with bullets and a cell phone along the Penobscot River.

25-year-old Jesse Groth-Kennard identified the handgun as being his at one time.

He says his former roommate gave it to a man named John Oliviera.

25-year-old Andy Morin-Smith was on the stand and testified that Oliviera and Sexton are friends.

Morin-Smith says he sold the revolver to Sexton for $50.

He also said Daluz and Sexton were almost always together.

He was with them for a few hours the night before the bodies were found in the burning car.

The man who found the guns, bullets, and cell phone also took the stand.

He says he was using a metal detector along the riverbank and gave what he found to police.

Testimony continues Friday.