Why Celebrate Cinco de Mayo? 

Americans across the nation are celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

It is one of the busiest days of the year for Mexican Restaurants everywhere in the country, including here in Maine.

But do people know why they were out taking part in the 5th of May.

“Busiest day of the year,” said the GM of Margaritas in Orono Zach Richardson. “I would guess somewhere in the vicinity of a thousand tins of chips, probably 7 or 8 hundred margaritas, we’re expecting to feed around 600 people today.”

The 5th of May is more widely celebrated in the U.S. than it is in Mexico, where it is just a regional holiday.

“What does Cinco de Mayo celebrate?”
“The Mexican Independence, I think,” said Deb Fish of Pennsylvania. “I’m pretty sure it’s Mexican Independence Day.”

It is not, Mexican Independence Day is September 16th, recognizing the first day in their battle to be liberated from Spain.

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated to remember the Battle of Puebla, but who did they fight?

“Battle of Puebla, I would think, Indians, the Americans,” guessed Fish. “Would you like to try again?” “Well there’s not that many Mexico’s connected to the United States on one side and who could they have been…Texas”

An undermanned and outgunned group of Mexican soldiers fought off the French in 1862.

For many revelers the history of the day is not the reason for the celebration.

“We just know it was her (Olivia Gould) birthday,” said Chelsea Gillies of Brewer. “So we wanted come out and Margaritas is the perfect place cause it’s Cinco de Mayo”

“It’s just a good fun holiday to eat good Mexican food” said Fish. “And have some good drinks.”