Tree Falls on Car, Injures Three in Orono 

A large tree fell across Main Street in Orono this evening and hit a car. injuring the three people inside.

Orono Police say they don’t know why the tree fell, but it appears the tree was very old and rotted on the inside.  They say vehicle was travelling south on Main Street when the tree fell directly on top of it.

A family was inside the car, including the mother, Isis Bell-Smith, 33, who was driving, the father, Ryan Laracy, 30, in the passenger seat and the two’s daughter in the back.

Rescue teams worked to clear the tree for three and a half hours.

All three people were taken to the hospital, the child had neck injuries, but police tell us none of them are life threatening.

A tree specialist was called to remove the rest of the tree to avoid another accident.