NICU Babies Reunited with EMMC Doctors and Nurses 

Some former Eastern Maine Medical Center neonatal intensive care patients and their families were reunited today with the doctors and nurses who may have saved their lives.

EMMC’s neonatal intensive care unit sees newborns with some very serious medical issues.

“He was not breathing well on his own. They transferred him to Eastern Maine by the NICU ambulance,” said Marjorie Richards, mother to Christopher.

“He had a rare disorder with his intestines. And so we had a six-week stay in the NICU where he had extensive abdominal surgery,” said Janelle Hardy, mother to Liam.

But after a few weeks, many of those babies make dramatic recoveries-thanks to a dedicated medical staff.

“The doctors and nurses were amazing. They made such a traumatic experience much more easy to bear,” said Hardy.

Doctors and nurses say reuniting with these now healthy children, some of them just a few months or years after they were clinging to life, is what makes this all worthwhile.

“I always tell people that I have the best job in the world, because I get to be with families like that, and they let you into their families in a very unique and special way. So it’s super, super cool to have families come back,” said NICU staff nurse Lisa Barnett.

“It’s amazing to see all of the babies that have also had to overcome challenges, and you’d never know. They’re all running around and having a great time,” said Hardy.

Healthy children whose parents don’t take lightly the work these doctors and nurses do.

“We really feel lucky and grateful to be here celebrating everybody’s lives. It’s a good time,” said Hardy.