Bangor Air Quality Ranks Top in the Nation

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 9 months ago

Breathe easy, Bangor.

The city has just been named one of the top four cities in country with the cleanest air quality.

The American Lung Association puts out a national ranking of air qualities in its State of the Air Report each year.

It says Bangor is one of only four cities with no days of unhealthy ozone levels.

The other cities in the top four were Bismarck, North Dakota, Fort Myers, Florida and Salinas, California.

The report says about 46% of Maine residents live in counties with fair to poor air quality.

The city ranked as the worst air quality was Los Angeles. Five other CA cities were in the top ten for bad air. Houston, TX, Washington, DC, and Las Vegas also rank in the top ten for bad air.

  • RevOleson

    Should be “Breath easily.” “Easy” is an adjective…”Easily” is an adverb. Now, it we could do something about the horrible noise pollution from the screaming singers on the waterfront, we’d be ok…

  • LeftFeather

    This is an interesting story.
    Actually, VERY interesting.

    This proves global warming by humans is miniscule; at best.

    We are most certainly downwind of a large portion of the U.S.’s largest cities (Ref. Jetstream)! What this means, is that the trees and plants are absorbing most of the harsh toxic gases (esp. CO2),

    Being that California doesn’t have a Forest and plant-life aplenty preceding it (according to the way the wind blows), most of the gases are in full strain. (Or at least, close-to).

    Interesting fact:
    Cows and other large bovine and equine cause more CO2 and CO pollution than all vehicles on this earth, combined.

    Furthermore, (get ready for this) there are actually people that want to restrict (by law) the amount of gases output by these animals. Even with said facts, the Northeastern United States is very dense with aforementioned creatures.

    All that aside, there is a noticeable difference in air quality as soon as you cross the Piscatiqua River Bridge. If you don’t believe me, go to any other state for a week; Then return. Maine is truly an incredible state!

  • RevOleson

    Breathe, actually..

    • LeftFeather

      Nice correction! You also missed (“it” for “if), but I agree with your sentiments nonetheless!