4th Annual St. Baldrick’s Day Celebration 

“Just do it! Why not? It’s hair, it’ll come back.”

That’s what UMaine sophomore Melissa Thompson says about shaving her head. She’s doing it for pediatric cancer.

“This is a St. Baldricks event students and community members from the Orono, Old Town area they shave their heads in solidarity for children who have cancer to raise awareness,” says event organizer Daniel Norwood.

Participation has doubled in size since the event started at UMaine four years ago. Some shave-ees, like Winnie Winters, have participated every year.

“I know what it’s like to go through chemo and how hard it is,” Winters says. “I can’t imagine what these kids go through.”

Everyone has their own story.

“A kid at my work just got diagnosed with leukemia and she’s six,” explains Thompson.  “So that kind of made me want to do it a lot more so she’s not by herself afterwards.”

“I personally lost family members and see that this is a great organization,” says student This is my third year doing it and I’d do it every year if I could.”

Shave-ees saw overwhelming support from the community.

“We’re just one big, huge Black Bear family and just all about support just all about charity events and stuff,” Thompson adds. “That’s what UMaine’s about. ”

All proceeds will go to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which funds research to find cures for childhood cancer.

“No one wants to lose their hair and by doing it by our own choice and own free will maybe we’re showing them that it’s alright.”