Waterville 5th Grader’s “Doodle” Impresses Google 

The creativity and artistic ability of a Waterville fifth grader has caught the eye of a Silicon Valley giant.

Those who spend time online are probably familiar with the “Google Doodle”. For the seventh year in a row, Google is hosting its “Doodle for Google Contest”, where any student from grades K-12 can take a shot at it. Students are given a theme and are given free reign to create their very own doodle. The entries are judged on artistic ability, creativity and theme.

The contest has produced some iconic images, like last year’s winner. A doodle under the theme “My Best Day Ever” done by Sabrina brady, a Wisconsin twelfth grader, whose doodle depicted her reuniting with her father after he served in Iraq.

This year’s theme is “If I could do one thing to make the world a better place?”

Tuesday, kids at the Albert Hall School in Waterville found out one of their own, fifth grader Inga Zimba, had won.

“It took me a couple weeks to think of an idea and it took me a long, long time to draw,” Zimba said Tuesday.

Her idea to make the world a better place revolved around saving the world’s bee population. Her doodle depicts a bee buzzing around a hive and she layered the title in hexagons to show how a bee would actually see the word “Google.”

“The bee is a robotic bee who can fly into live bees hives and records information in hopes of finding out why bees are dying and maybe scientists can help save bees,” she said. “And the apples show one thing we wouldn’t have if we didn’t have bees.”

Over 100,000 doodles were submitted nationwide. Inga is one of 10 finalists in the fourth and fifth grade group and will travel to Google headquarters in California next month to find out if her doodle got the most online votes and is named the winner. If she wins, the Albert Hall School will get a
$50,000 grant to upgrade their computer lab and Inga will be awarded a $30,000 scholarship. But that’s not all.

“She’ll get to work with the doodle Googlers where she’ll animate, and she’ll produce and she’ll talk about creating her image. And that’s going to be showcased to the whole world on June 9th,” said Sallie Zhao, one of three Google representatives who made the trip to Maine for Inga’s assembly.

To vote for Inga’s doodle you can go to