Getting Kids Dreams Off The Ground In Old Town 

This weekend you can take a scenic tour of Old Town and the Greater Bangor Area from the air.

And while doing so you can help get the dreams of local kids off the ground.

“I hope to go into Aeuronautical Engineering,” said Old Town High School Junior Clara Trefts. She wants to go to the U.S. Naval Academy and fly fighter jets. Her love of planes grew at Dewitt Field, at the Maine ACE Camp and being part of the Aviation Explorers. “This really means a lot because I have, over the past few years, gotten such an interest in aviation. Even if I don’t get accepted into the naval academy or another military branch, I still want to pursue a career in aviation. I love flying so much. When I’m around planes I get so happy.”

Getting a chance to see the joy flying brings to kids like Clara sparked a change for one of the pilots. “It inspired me to get my certified flight instructor’s certificate, which I’m very close to getting so I can start instruction with Clara here very soon,” said pilot Alan Miller. “But it was her that inspired me and motivated me to kind of move on and advance my aviation career.”

The camps are basically career fairs for kids between ages 14 and 20 to see if they want a job in anything related to the aviation industry, from pilot to mechanic to air traffic control and beyond.

“It’s always kind of given me different options of what I want to do as far as a career,” said Bangor Christian School Kennedy Cannar. “I mean if one thing doesn’t work out, then I can use this as a backup, and it’s always nice kind of having those options.”

Miller believes the kids who go to these camps are the future of flight “You’re not seeing as many young kids getting involved and so if I can help and other pilots here can help and get these kids up and flying, I think that is the future of general aviation.”

The flights this weekend will go over the UMaine campus, down the Penobscot River to Bangor and back to Old Town.

It costs thirty dollars per person, there will also be a 50/50 raffle, and an airplane or car wash if you want to stop in.

The open house and fly in, will be held This Saturday at Dewitt Field in Old Town from 10 until 3, there is a barbeque lunch too.

The rain date will be Sunday.  For more information call 827-7175.