UMaine’s Nets4Pets Tournament Helps Bangor Humane Society 

Students and staff at the University of Maine were shooting hoops for a good cause.

The Nets for Pets basketball tournament was held today to benefit the Bangor Humane Society.

Groups from all over campus–from fraternities, various schools, even faculty–formed teams to compete in the tournament.

Business student Zach Nguyen organized the event, and says it was a success.

“Basically we put together a basketball tournament to get students involved, especially with upcoming finals week. We decided to make it support the Bangor Humane Society. So all the proceeds that come from this are going directly to them,” said Nguyen.

“It’s all about the animals. We all have pets. We love our pets. I mean, they’re our second family. They’re some people’s first family. I know my girlfriend and her dog–that’s her life. More important than her family and me. But we’re all out here to have a good time and support the Humane Society,” said Kevin Leary, a third-year business management student.
All the money raised today from entrants’ fees and spectators’ donations goes directly to benefit local animals.