Governor LePage Shares Lobster Lunch with N.C. Governor 

Governor LePage also enjoyed some lobster Saturday while making his campaign rounds.

He took North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory to lunch at the “Governor’s” Restaruant – a very appropriate location for the two politicians.

The men talked about the lobster industry here in Maine.

LePage said events like this where he can get out to the people are the best part about being Governor.

“There’s no secret over the last four years that I govern to the people more than I do to the legislators so it’s important that we stay in contact with the people,” says LePage.

“I’m a mayor who’s been in office now one year in the 10th largest state in the United States and I use him as a role model on how to increase the number of jobs and how to make the tough decisions,” Gov. McCrory explains.  ” Other governors throughout the United States so much respect him because he says what needs to be said.”

LePage echoed the McCrory’s statement and said that Washington needs to start being honest and listen to the people.