Do you consider graffiti art or vandalism?

Updated 9 months ago

Vandalism          88% (417 Votes)
Art                            12% (59 Votes)

  • Tanded Pimental

    If so many people think that graffiti is vandalism-how would they feel if they had to look at a sign that says ‘Asshole

  • ajinblue

    depend on where it is what it is… i have seen some great art work of graffiti on rail cars, some stone wall and brick walls… the best graffiti i have seen and that is the right type is on the bricks near the tavern bar… nothing wrong with the animal faces at all that is covering up some swear words and other bad stuff done wrong crowd… it all comes down to is some one doing it to cover up bad stuff or is some one doing it to make a tag and mark territory for a group of people they belong tooo….