Changes in Acadia Fees Starting May 1

Erica Stapleton

Updated 9 months ago

There’s still time to enjoy Acadia for free until they start charging May 1st – with updated rates.

Weekly park entrance is being hiked to 20-dollars year round…the seasonal rate of 10-dollars is being eliminated.

This increase will help fund improvements to the Island Explorer bus system that travels through the park.

The National Park Service website has pricing details.

  • John

    Don’t look for me there this year! As a Maine taxpayer I refuse to pay to use a park in my own state and especially at $20 a car!@ That’s ridiculous!

    • mAineAc

      The yearly rate is still $40 so if you go a few times a season it is worth it to get that anyway. This is also a federal park not a state park. It may be in the state but it is federal property and has a completely different set of rules.

      • Cathy Speronis

        For the last ten years my husband and I have been getting the yearly pass. It is $40 for two cars. We use the park several times a year and find that it is more than worth it. Acadia is a treasure and we are so fortunate to have just an hour away. We support our National Parks!

    • coolsker

      There are plenty of places to park and walk into the park for free. Im with you, I wont pay to use the park.

      • hssportsnut

        When you walk or ride a bicycle or motorcycle you are supposed to pay $5.00 for a 7 day pass. Keep freeloading and sooner or later you will get caught.

        • coolsker

          Most of the loop road is free, and you can hike pretty much the whole park from there. Its not freeloading. Its using your brain. You can even walk into sand beach free! Ive been doing this since I was a kid and ill keep doing it till I die.

          • hssportsnut

            If you are in the park you are supposed to pay. None of it is free. The fact that every path or road doesn’t have a gate doesn’t excuse you from paying so yes you are freeloading off the people who are honest.

          • coolsker

            Fine, im a free loader. :) Keep paying for me, I don’t mind.

    • hssportsnut

      That $20 allows you access for 7 days. Pay just $40 and you get two decals good for a whole year. Most every national park charges user fees.