Women WOWed at Dover-Foxcroft Business Conference 

Women interested in business had a unique chance to collaborate in Dover Foxcroft.

“To bring people into a rural community to see what’s here in a rural community and experience a different atmosphere and a different place to do things gives people a great opportunity,” says James Macomber, an event coordinator.

About one hundred women attended the Women of Worth, or WOW, conference.

“We have the full spectrum here,” Macomber continues.  “From youth all the way up to more experienced. Professionals to people that are out of work, so it’s a wide range of individuals here today.”

Such a bunch is key for perhaps the most important aspect of the event: networking.

“Networking can help you grow your career and get you started in your career,” says Sheree Brown, another coordinator.  “All the trainings here are going to grow you a little bit in professional development but it’s a little bit of pampering and showing off too.”

And for women relatively new to the business world, like Lisa Giulianelli – owner of Oats Any Time, networking is crucial to success.

“You know, word of mouth. I just attended the social media class and Facebook and when people give their opinion, other people listen,”  Giulianelli explains.  “You can’t pass up something like this when it comes to town.”