Voting Location Change for June Primaries in Bangor 

Last year voters in Bangor began casting their ballots at the Cross Insurance Center.

But after some complaints, voting officials will be tweaking that process a bit this year.

The 2013 elections were held in the ballroom area, which provided ample space, but distance to the parking lot made voting difficult for some, especially people with disabilities.

So for the primaries this June, the city clerk says voting will be moved upstairs to the concourse area.

“They can expect that the distance from the parking lot into the building and the voting area will be much shorter. You may have a few longer lines because we’re not going to be able to put in as many incoming voting tables, so when they queue up to vote it may take them a little bit longer,” said City Clerk Lisa Goodwin.

Voting officials say after June they will assess whether to keep the new location or move voting back to the ballroom for the general election in November.