Maine Steiners Start New Scholarship 

The Maine Steiners have been hitting all the right notes for nearly 60 years.

And now UMaine’s oldest a capella group wants to make sure the school’s future singers will have enough support to stay on stage with a new scholarship.

“We decided we just wanted to give back to the school’s performing arts and the university which has given us so much,” says Morgan Cates, Business Manager for the Steiners

The $ 10,000 endowment will be for any student who wants to be a part of an on-campus singing ensemble.

“It’s wonderful seeing kids who are passionate about music and who want to maybe continue with it in college and to be able to help kids do that it’s just invaluable,” says Steiners Music Director, Robert Laraway.

The Steiners and their scholarship may both be all about music, but the members of the group are from different backgrounds.

“We have business majors, biology majors, engineering majors, music majors, philosophy majors, you name it they come from all over, all over campus,” says Cates.

Each year the Steiners take on maybe one or two new members.

“But we’re pretty strict about it you know we really want to make sure we’re getting the best people we can,” says Laraway.

Laraway keeps everyone pitch perfect.

“Blending, singing with the same vowel shapes, different kinds of tone how bright or how dark we get,” Laraway explains.

But the Steiners aren’t entirely serious, “we joke, we’re like regular guys,” says Laraway.

The group doesn’t fall into one single style of a cappella singing.

“We take influence from jazz and barber shop and coral Music and pop music and we blend it all in together,” explained Cates.

But their sound, is always uniquely, Steiner.

“We always try to be breaking down walls boundaries musically were always trying To make ourselves better,” said Laraway.