Piscataquis River Overflows, Closing Bridges and Roads 

The Piscataquis River overflowed its banks today, causing flooding throughout Piscataquis County.

The Sebec-Atkinson bridge was closed to traffic after the river spilled onto the road there.

Low-lying roads in the area are flooded out and impassible to traffic.

And many farmers throughout the county are dealing with submerged fields.

“Throughout the county today most of the issues we had were up in Milo around the Pleasant River section up there, and in Abbott going towards Guilford, we’ve had quite a bit of flooding from the ice jam up there,” said Tom Copraro, Piscataquis County’s Emergency Management Director.

“It’s receding now. Started receeding just about 2:00 this afternoon. Hopefully in a couple days we’ll be back to normal,” said Dover-Foxcroft Police Chief Dennis Dyer.

In Dover-Foxcroft the Piscataquis River crested today at about 13 feet–that’s two feet above flood stage.

People living along the river saw flooded backyards as the waters encroached on their homes.

We’re told the Dover-Foxcroft fire department responded to about a dozen flooded basements in town.