Old Belfast Restaurant to Become Bowling Alley 

Many people in Belfast have fond memories of eating seafood at Jed’s Restaurant on Route 1.

Jed’s closed its doors years ago, but now one man is in the process of transforming the space into a bowling alley.

Donald Benson spent a quarter century in the military.

“What I did in the air force was morale welfare and recreation, so I ran recreational programs and facilities for the troops and their dependents,” said Benson.

When he retired, his goal became to provide recreation for civilians, so he opened the All Play Family Entertainment Center in Waldoboro.

That was a success, so he set his sights on building a new larger bowling alley. One day he was driving by and noticed Jed’s in Belfast had closed.

“The old layout of the building kind of caught my eye, and we looked at it once and said I think I could do something with that,” said Benson.

For Benson’s wife Kelly, it took some convincing.

“My first reaction was I can’t work any more hours,” said Kelli Benson.

But she went along with it, and now construction is underway.

After gutting the whole place, crews are working feverishly to put those lanes in, as well as state-of-the art machinery.

When it’s done in June, there will be bowling, pool, not to mention food.

The new facility will feature a few old relics from Jed’s including booths, the old vintage sign, and of course, Jed himself watching over everyone.

“Here in Belfast we know it’s a growing community and we’re trying to offer families a safe environment to come with their families and young children, and anyone from age two to 102 can do candle pin bowling, and we hope this will offer a place for that,” said Kelli Benson.