Easter Egg Hunt at Ellen Leach Home 

Some folks in Brewer had a little Easter fun today.

Residents of the Ellen Leach Home were treated to a special Easter egg hunt.

Staff hid 120 eggs throughout the building, and residents had the challenge of finding them all.

Organizers say it’s a great way to celebrate the Easter holiday–and prove that you can still have fun at any age.

“We have done it one year in the past and it was a hit, so I thought we may as well try it again. Any time we can put a smile on their faces it’s a great day,” said Executive Director Corenna O’Brien.

“Maybe some people think it’s a silly thing to do for old people, but I think anything like that is great. It gives us something different to think about and something to do, and I think it’s needed. As you age there’s not a lot of things you can do, and I thought this was a pretty neat idea,” said resident Inez Emory.

Residents will turn the eggs in for prizes at a special ceremony on Monday.