Acadia Opens for the Season 

“Who cares about a little rain? ”

That was the mantra for several visitors at Acadia National Park on opening day.

“We were outside the car for thirty seconds and got soaked… It was still fun though”

“We’re still out and about.  I don’t know if we’ll get to do the hiking we wanted to do, but it still gives us the chance to enjoy the place when it’s not crowded in the summer.”

That summer rush is not far off, says Park Superintendent Sheridan Steele.

“I’m sure were going to be serving hundreds of thousands of people again this year and it’s wonderful to see people coming back to their national park, in Acadia.”

Acadia is one of the most visited National Parks in the country – the vivid scenery and great outing opportunities lure people from around the world.

“Being from Virginia there’s a lot of great historic civil war parks and homes of presidents, so there’s pretty scenery there. But this has got some great rustic rocky coast that’s really unlike any other places.”

And visitors always find it worthwhile, even if they endure rain.

“I think it’s terrific that they want to see Acadia on a day like today,” Steele says.  “It’s a great day to go down and watch the surf because the surf is really up today and some great wave action crashing on the rocks and that’s actually one of my favorite things to do.”

“We come here fairly often.  We love the area.”

“It just always has that special character and charm.”

Not all trails and paths are up and running just yet – for the latest updates, call the Acadia main information line at 288-3338.