Great Maine Bike Swap Comes to Orono 

The University of Maine played host to the annual Great Maine Bike Swap Sunday.

“Everyone here has the same interest. They all love bikes. And some people want to sell bikes, some people want to buy bikes,” said Jim Rose, owner of Rose Bike in Orono and a volunteer at the event.

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine puts on the annual event, and this year they had more than 400 bikes for sale, from road bikes to mountain bikes. There was even a unicycle or two.

“We have sellers coming from near and far to come sell their bike here in one place and not worry about dealing with ten thousand craigslist appointments,” said Liz Hall, Event and Development Coordinator for the Bicycle Coalition.

And for buyers, it’s a chance to find a bargain.

“We’ve got some folks who are happy to just get one out of the garage and they’re happy to sell it at any price, and it might be worth even a lot more than that. So you can definitely snag a deal,” said Hall.

Perfect for parents whose kids are growing just a little too fast.

“If your kids grow out of their bike like every year or two, it’s really helpful to come here and buy a quality used bike, and have the people who are here that know about bikes and can tell you a little about them,” said Caren Mulford of Hampden.

Turns out a lot of people here were in that boat.

“My daughter quickly grew out of her bike from last year, so we had to get her something else,” said Beth Healy.

Organizers say one of the goals of this event is to make bikes more accessible to more people, and to promote the value of biking to the community.

“You really can get communities just to become vibrant and even more prosperous with biking and walking. So we want to get more people on bikes, getting healthy and enjoying their communities,” said Hall.

Not to mention the environmental impact.

“We have too many cars on the road, so a great way to reduce the amount of cars is to ride a bike,” said Rose.

Making Maine greener and healthier, two wheels at a time.