Microchips for Pets Available at Mid-Coast Business 

The Loyal Biscuit  has been providing pet owners with products for years now.

For the second year they want to make sure they have everything they need when it comes to finding your pet if they somehow get lost.

“Tags do fall off and colors get loose or collars fall off and with the microchipping, vets and shelters and different organizations throughout the state are able to scan the pet and find the owners information. It really helps in reuniting those lost animals,” said co-owner, Heidi Neal.

They’re teaming up with the Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County to make it easy for pet owners to get their pets microchipped.

“Most of the animals that come into the shelter are lost and it’s very hard to find the owners without identification,” said Neal.

Cooper is a year and a half old hound who’s up for adoption.

“What I’m going to do is, I’ve got a little needle, it’s not that scary, and, what I’m going to do is I’m going to make a little tent in the skin and I’m just going to insert it right under the skin and put a little alcohol on it to sanitize it and it’s over within just a couple seconds,” said Heather Russell, an animal care tech.

The chip contains a unique number that the owner registers with their contact information. The chip can easily be scanned to find the number and track the owner down.

“We just run it over and a number comes up. We find the number, we call the owner, we reunite the pet,” said Russell.

The clinics will be at The Loyal Biscuit’s three locations over the next three weeks.

They’re all from 10 to one.

This Saturday in Rockland, next week in Belfast, the following week in Camden.

The chips are $25.

The money goes to the Humane Society of Knox County.