Hearse Driver Falls Asleep, Rolls Over Vehicle on I95

Updated 10 months ago

Police say a hearse driver fell asleep, causing a crash on Interstate 95 in Pittsfield this afternoon.

The vehicle overturned and northbound traffic was delayed while crews cleared the scene.

The driver, Michael Kelley, is from Salsbury Cove and was taken to Sabasticook Hospital in Pittsfield.

His injuries are considered to be serious but non-life threatening.

The hearse is owned by Jordan Fernald Funeral Home in Ellsworth.

Police say a body was being transported and remained in the vehicle during the crash.

The casket was transferred to another hearse.

  • T H

    Hope the driver is okay. The hearse can be replaced.

  • Frito_Bandito

    I came upon the scene shortly after it happened, before traffic was piled up. I prayed for the driver all the way home. The fact that they know the driver fell asleep most likely means the driver was able to speak.