Brewer Girl Fighting Leukemia finds Community Support 

A little girl in Brewer is going through a rough time, but with a smile on her face.

Wynter was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Her parents say her strength and smile keeps them all fighting.

“Wynter is a little sweetheart. She’s a first grader at Brewer Community School. She’s in love with pink and purple and anything sparkly. She’s an energetic little kid who loves swimming and dancing and cheerleading,” said her mother.

Looking at Wynter’s big smile, it’s hard to imagine this six year old has been through a medical nightmare.

“In the middle of February she started to get sick.  She had a stomach ache and a back ache and a fever and, she had muscle aches and a hard time walking,” said her mother.

Lisa and Dustin Przybylski took their daughter to a walk-in clinic.

“They told us she was constipated and so, we went with that, and followed their medication regime they suggested,” said her mother.

Wynter still didn’t get better, so they went to their pediatrician who they say verified the same diagnosis.

Things didn’t get better.

“The symptoms had gotten so bad she had to go to the ER. And, all it took was one simple blood test and one X-ray and they diagnosed her with leukemia. And, it completely hit us out of the blue. It wasn’t anything at all that we had expected,” said her mom.

Wynter was air-lifted to a Portland hospital where she spent six days in the ICU.

“During one of those days she was in extreme pain and kept complaining that her legs hurt. And, by the time they found out what was going on, she had lost control of her legs. They got her in for an MRI. Found out she had a tumor on her spine. They were able to get it out. But, not before it caused a spinal stroke. And, she still doesn’t have use of her legs. We don’t know at this point whether that’s going to be reversible, or not.  We feel like if this had been caught sooner, it definitely could’ve resulted in a different outcome,” said her mom.

Wynter’s first round of chemotherapy was unsuccessful.  Wynter needs to be in remission to get a bone marrow transplant.

“It’s been a hard journey for her. But, you’d never know it, because she smiles every day,” said her mother.

They were looking to relocate, but after help from the community, including both of their employers who have donated vacation and sick time to make caring for Wynter possible, they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

“We can’t express enough how helpful they’ve been with us and how people that you don’t even know are coming up support our family and it really means a lot,” said her dad.

For now, they say Wynter may be less than four feet high and weigh less than fifty pounds, but she is a fighter and their hero.

“She’s battling cancer. Facing death every day with a smile. That to me is, you know, strength you can’t measure. Every day I can see her smile is another day, another victory for us,” said her dad.

There is a bottle drive for the family at the Brewer Rec Center and the Brewer Redemption Center.

You can also drop donations off at Brewer Federal Credit Union.

Next Monday the Brewer Dairy Queen will donate 25% of its sales to Wynter.

You can also find her fundraising website here.