Cross Insurance Center Burger Naming Contest

Updated 9 months ago

Joy Hollowell went on the road Monday morning to the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor to sample the new featured burger.

This new burger features a half pound of Angus Beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a mound of Poutine on a sesame seed bun.

The Cross Insurance Center is leaving the naming of this burger up to the public. If you would like to submit a name you can at the following linkĀ


  • biafire

    Cross bynon burger

  • BradfordPOV

    Barnyard Burger

  • Alison White

    The Cross Boss Burger

  • Bethany Schaefer

    “The Vlad!”. Lol

    • Jack Merrithew

      The Arena burger

  • Jennifer Scribner

    Bangor’s Colossal Cross Burger

  • Suzy Shepard

    The Cross Your <3 Burger

  • Carol O Kelley

    The County Complete

  • Kristina Welch

    The Mainely Beastly burger

  • BradfordPOV

    All In Burger

  • harryeee1

    Angus-Bacon Slam Dunk

  • Donald Tomlinson

    The Cross Boss or the big dream

  • BradfordPOV

    Angus Bacon Cross

  • BradfordPOV

    Animal Farm Burger

  • Alan Campbell

    Bodacious Burger

  • Brandi Birmingham Folsom

    The P B P B….Paul Bunyan Poutine Burger

  • cindy black

    The County Burger or The Aroostook.

  • Iseededppl

    Bangor Bomb

  • Kimberley Hodgdon Landsman

    animal abuse burger. heart attack mini cake. animal cruelty patty?

    those all work.

    • maineluvsthemule

      You must be a fellow member of PETA

      • maineluvsthemule

        I belong to PETA… People Eating Tasty Animals

  • George Wells III

    The “log jam”

  • schmidlap

    heart attack burger

  • Deane Shaw

    Maniac Burger

  • Ben Bunker

    The downeast barn burner burger!!!

  • Deane Shaw

    Meal on a bun

  • Randy Kaldro


  • Tom Drew

    the Paul Bunyan

  • Lynne Lyons

    Memiere’s burger

  • maineluvsthemule

    The Poutine Patty Deluxe

  • tizo44

    Mainee yak burger!

  • Frank Omar

    Poutine on the Ritz

  • Valerie Stelline

    Valerie Stelline.The Lumber Jack or as I would pronounce it The Lumbah Jack.

  • Fran Macchi

    The criss cross buger delux.

  • Collin MacMillan

    The Bunyan Burger

  • Katherine Drew

    Poutine party burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Fryburg!

  • Paul Turner

    Paul Bunyan Burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Triple Bypass Burger

  • Jean Quirion

    T rex burger or my son

  • Ron Corson

    bull n hog epic burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Paul Onion Burger

  • Larry Den Bull

    The Blue Ox Burger

  • KimVance

    Bunyan Burger

  • KimVance

    Babe Burger

  • maineresident10

    Poutine burger deluxe

  • Tina Paradise

    The Standing Ovation!

  • Tony Murray

    The Maine Lumberjack Burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Wicked 1/2 Pounda!

  • Melissa Jackson-vandez

    The north woods burger

  • Melissa Jackson-vandez

    The new Mecca burger

  • vern olsen

    bangors new mecca burger

  • Della Fuller-Veilleux

    Pine tree moose burger

  • chickhiller

    “Bunyan’s Big Bangor Burger.”

  • david bassett

    the “fan”tastitic

  • teresa spratt

    the blue ox burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The “Nor Easter”, you get a lot in one burger.


    the giant lumberjack burger

  • teresa spratt

    Big blue

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Cross Insurance Ctr. The Home Of The “Beast Of The East” Burger. Can ya tame it?

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The “Mainenadian Special” burger.

  • jeanne corriveau

    Jeanne Corriveau …
    the “Hot Cross Bun-yan Burger

  • Craig Babin

    The” Cross Boss” Burger