Cross Insurance Center Burger Naming Contest

Updated 10 months ago

Joy Hollowell went on the road Monday morning to the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor to sample the new featured burger.

This new burger features a half pound of Angus Beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a mound of Poutine on a sesame seed bun.

The Cross Insurance Center is leaving the naming of this burger up to the public. If you would like to submit a name you can at the following linkĀ


  • biafire

    Cross bynon burger

  • BradfordPOV

    Barnyard Burger

  • Alison White

    The Cross Boss Burger

  • Bethany Schaefer

    “The Vlad!”. Lol

    • Jack Merrithew

      The Arena burger

  • Jennifer Scribner

    Bangor’s Colossal Cross Burger

  • Suzy Shepard

    The Cross Your <3 Burger

  • Carol O Kelley

    The County Complete

  • Kristina Welch

    The Mainely Beastly burger

  • BradfordPOV

    All In Burger

  • harryeee1

    Angus-Bacon Slam Dunk

  • Donald Tomlinson

    The Cross Boss or the big dream

  • BradfordPOV

    Angus Bacon Cross

  • BradfordPOV

    Animal Farm Burger

  • Alan Campbell

    Bodacious Burger

  • Brandi Birmingham Folsom

    The P B P B….Paul Bunyan Poutine Burger

  • cindy black

    The County Burger or The Aroostook.

  • Iseededppl

    Bangor Bomb

  • Kimberley Hodgdon Landsman

    animal abuse burger. heart attack mini cake. animal cruelty patty?

    those all work.

    • maineluvsthemule

      You must be a fellow member of PETA

      • maineluvsthemule

        I belong to PETA… People Eating Tasty Animals

  • George Wells III

    The “log jam”

  • schmidlap

    heart attack burger

  • Deane Shaw

    Maniac Burger

  • Ben Bunker

    The downeast barn burner burger!!!

  • Deane Shaw

    Meal on a bun

  • Randy Kaldro


  • Tom Drew

    the Paul Bunyan

  • Lynne Lyons

    Memiere’s burger

  • maineluvsthemule

    The Poutine Patty Deluxe

  • tizo44

    Mainee yak burger!

  • Frank Omar

    Poutine on the Ritz

  • Valerie Stelline

    Valerie Stelline.The Lumber Jack or as I would pronounce it The Lumbah Jack.

  • Fran Macchi

    The criss cross buger delux.

  • Collin MacMillan

    The Bunyan Burger

  • Katherine Drew

    Poutine party burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Fryburg!

  • Paul Turner

    Paul Bunyan Burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Triple Bypass Burger

  • Jean Quirion

    T rex burger or my son

  • Ron Corson

    bull n hog epic burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Paul Onion Burger

  • Larry Den Bull

    The Blue Ox Burger

  • KimVance

    Bunyan Burger

  • KimVance

    Babe Burger

  • maineresident10

    Poutine burger deluxe

  • Tina Paradise

    The Standing Ovation!

  • Tony Murray

    The Maine Lumberjack Burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Wicked 1/2 Pounda!

  • Melissa Jackson-vandez

    The north woods burger

  • Melissa Jackson-vandez

    The new Mecca burger

  • vern olsen

    bangors new mecca burger

  • Della Fuller-Veilleux

    Pine tree moose burger

  • chickhiller

    “Bunyan’s Big Bangor Burger.”

  • david bassett

    the “fan”tastitic

  • teresa spratt

    the blue ox burger

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The “Nor Easter”, you get a lot in one burger.


    the giant lumberjack burger

  • teresa spratt

    Big blue

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The Cross Insurance Ctr. The Home Of The “Beast Of The East” Burger. Can ya tame it?

  • Dave (Big Dave) Welch

    The “Mainenadian Special” burger.

  • jeanne corriveau

    Jeanne Corriveau …
    the “Hot Cross Bun-yan Burger

  • Craig Babin

    The” Cross Boss” Burger