Two Dead in Wrong-Way Crash on I-95 in Hampden

Updated 10 months ago

Two people are dead after a wrong-way crash on I-95 in Hampden this evening.

I-95 southbound remains closed at this hour between Exits 180 and 174.

State police got a call around 6:40 reporting an SUV driving erratically on 95 south in Carmel. Witnesses reported that the vehicle turned around and headed northbound in the southbound lane.

The SUV struck a pickup truck head on near Exit 174 in Hampden. Both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene. There were no other occupants or injuries reported.

State police say one of their sergeants tried to stop the vehicle as it headed the wrong way.

Police say both vehicles were from Maine but are not releasing the names of the drivers. They say it’s too early to tell whether alcohol or drugs were a factor.

  • Hogwarts04401

    Oh my God, I hate to hear this. I don’t know the how or the why, who was to blame, but two families are shattered tonight. So wrong.

  • Bill MacDonald

    We drove past this on our way home tonight at around 9pm… the pickup looked like the Hulk had picked it up and thrown it. it was absolutely annihilated.
    It was crazy – I heard the lady on WKIT mention something about two dead on a nasty wreck on 95 south but didn’t hear where… then about 5 minutes later, we are going past it northbound.

    just crazy. You could probably see the flashing red lights from the space station it was so lit up.

  • Arlene Wright

    So sorry for the families.