POMC Luncheon Honors Crime Victims, Families 

Governor LePage was in attendance at the annual Crime Victims’ Rights Week luncheon today.

The event in Augusta was hosted by the Maine chapter of Parents of Murdered Children.

This year’s luncheon celebrated the 30th anniversary the Victims of Crime act, which provides legal protections and services for victims of crime.

Organizers say the event is an opportunity for the families of crime victims to support each other…and to advocate for more resources to help solve cold cases in our state.

“It’s really the single biggest insult to an individual to have their life ended at the hands of another. For some of us, there’s at least the resolution of the crime being solved and the perpetrator being brought to justice. There are many, though, for whom that doesn’t occur. For families of murder victims there’s no such thing as a cold case. It’s never cold to them and it’s just as real ten, twenty years after the event as it was when it first happened,” said Arthur Jette, Maine Chapter leader for Parents of Murdered Children.

Governor LePage also spoke about the importance of preventing violent crime in the future.