Monmouth Man Says Thank You To Mystery Woman Who Saved His Life 

Monday we brought you the story of Leonard Crocker, a Monmouth man searching for the stranger he credits with saving his life.

Crocker had a heart attack while on the job for Monmouth Public Works. A woman driving by stopped and helped him, then took off when paramedics arrived.

Today crocker got the chance to thank her. The mystery woman is Haylee Rolfe, a nursing student at Central Maine Community College.

Crocker gave her a thank you card and called her an angel.

“I understand the gratitude and everything and wanting to say thank you to somebody who has helped you or you feel has helped you but I really didn’t do anything,” said a humble Rolfe. “I’m glad he’s doing well and everything. I was very shocked that he was looking for me. My boyfriend was at work and heard it on the radio and sent me a text message.”

Rolfe will graduate from nursing school next month.