Maine State Song Turns 77 

“Your lakes, streams and rockbound coast…”  Can you finish that sentence? It’s a line from Maine’s state song, which is celebrating an anniversary. 77 years ago the song was adopted by the state government.

But a survey on Bangor’s streets revealed most folks don’t know we have a state song, let alone, the words. We did find some 5th graders at the Fairmount School in Bangor who have it down pat…thanks to their music teacher, Jim Paton.

He’s been teaching the ode to the Pine Tree State to 4th graders for decades.

“We do a patriotic unit with fourth graders and I always include the state of Maine song as part of that,” Paton said.

“I like the part where it says rockbound coast,” said Adynn Kitchin a 5th grader. The Maine state song was written by Roger Vinton Snow.