Bar Harbor Widow Awarded $1.1M in Suit Against Dr.

Catherine Pegram

Updated 10 months ago

A jury in Hancock County says a doctor at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor was responsible for the death of a heart patient and awarded his widow $1.1 million.

The jury returned the verdict last week against Dr. Felix Hernandez but cleared another doctor, Dr. Francis DiPierro, and the hospital itself.

63-year-old Thomas Haskell of Bar Harbor died more than three years ago after heart bypass surgery.

The surgery was successful but Melodie Haskell’s lawyer argued her husband died of significant blood loss afterward.

The jury determined Dr. Hernandez was negligent when it came to Thomas Haskell’s post-op care.

We’re told his lawyer, who also represented the other doctor and EMMC, is considering appealing the case.

A statement from the hospital president says, “In this instance, although the outcome was not what we had hoped for, we’re confident the doctors and staff provided appropriate care.”


Tom Haskell family
  • Annie

    EMMC practically killed me too! I was in there for a kidney surgery… urologist never even came in to see me until my mother threatened the hospital! I wouldn’t take a cancer ridden dog back there!

  • Fred Noblet

    I injured my back working for EMMC back in 1993. Most (not all) and employee health told me there was nothing wrong with me and it was all in my head. In 1998 I moved to Florida and after 5 surgeries I can at least live some kind of life. Prior to that I got to a point I could not walk and was stuck in a recliner for almost 2 years. What happened to “Compassion”