Dexter Community Helping Injured Public Works Employee 

Clint Rhoden says it came as quite a shock when he found out his friend and neighbor, 45-year-old Eric Campbell, had been in an accident at work.

“When I saw the news that he was hurt, I couldn’t even, couldn’t even believe it. He’s had a hard run of luck, just as of late,” said Rhoden.

Campbell was working at the public works garage when he was pinned between a loader and a grader. He was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor where he is still being treated. He has two pins in his hips and he re-broke an arm that was just healing from a break last summer.

“Everyone’s pulling for him and hope for a speedy recovery because we need him back. He’s amazing. I mean, he’s strong, he’s upbeat, he’s positive. Much more than I ever expected him to be when I got there. He’s just Eric,” said Shelley Watson, Town Manager.

The people that know him say he’s done so much, for so many, for so little. They say it’s one of the reasons they’re coming together to help him and his family.

“The whole community has gotten behind it. There’s people that donated firewood, shoveling his roof, building a wheel chair ramp.  It’s a real tragedy, but to see the way everyone has reacted is very heart warming. It’s nice to be in a small town where you know your neighbor,” said Rhoden.

They hope to raise enough money to help their friend who is looking at long term care at a rehabilitation facility.

“Eric is so tough. He’ll walk without a limp and he’ll have a full recovery.  I’m absolutely sure of it,” said Rhoden.

There’s a fund set up at Maine Highlands Credit Union in Eric’s name.

You can stop in or send checks to 23 Hudson Avenue, Guilford, 04443.

Make the check out to the credit union or Lori Rhoden.

There’s a spaghetti supper planned.

It’s from 5 to 7, Saturday, April 26th, at the Guilford Methodist Church.

Volunteers and food donations are needed.

You can call Lori at 717-6213.