UPDATE: Brooks Accused Abuser Out On Bail

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 10 months ago

More information released Wednesday about a case of reported child abuse in Brooks.

The Waldo County Sheriff’s Office says a 7-year-old boy told school officials his dad tried to break his back by kicking him.

The boy also said he and his 9-year-old sister were also disciplined with a shock collar intended for animals.

The child’s father, James Kuhn, 28, has been charged with two counts of domestic violence assault.

Kuhn was arrested Friday after his son reportedly came to school in tears.

Authorities say they discovered bruises on the boy’s back.

Kuhn was has been released from jail on $2,500 bail with conditions that he have no contact with the children involved.

We’re told that they are with their mother.

Kuhn has a previous domestic violence assault conviction from 2009.

Kuhn, James 4-1-14
  • Tina Louise

    He does not deserve to get bail!! Those poor children, most likely scarred for life now.

  • jdmur

    Disgusting human waste.

  • John

    I wonder if he thinks that mean look intimidates anyone? He is really a coward!

  • Melissa Hamm Plummer

    Someone should put a shock collar on his neck. Scum

  • jason c

    It makes me sick to see stuff like this. What I would give to catch this piece of s**t in a dark alley!