MEMA Director: Spring Flooding Season 2-3 Weeks Behind Normal 

The potential for significant spring flooding is still very high according to Bruce Fitzgerald, the Director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency. Flooding was the topic on everyone’s mind when the Maine River Flow Advisory Commission met on a conference call Wednesday.

According to experts, the spring flooding season is 2-3 weeks behind normal and the folks at MEMA are bracing for a spring flooding season that may come later than usual.

“We still have a lot of snow on the ground and the assessments we are getting from the snow surveys and the weather forecasters is that there is still a lot of water that is in the system and it has not yet really begun to get into our spring melting conditions,” Fitzgerald told reporters.

Fitzgerald says they will continue to monitor the situation the situation and the commission will meet again in two weeks to reassess where the flooding threat.