Maine Firefighters Pay Respect in Boston 

The support shown for two fallen Boston firefighters gives another meaning to Boston strong.

Local firefighters from Maine are going down by busloads to remember Lieutenant Ed Walsh and firefighter Michael Kennedy.

“Whether you live next door or you’re two states away, were a very tight knit family. It means a great deal to go down there and show our support to our brothers that lost their lives.”

Bean is making the trip with firefighters from other departments, showing just how far this family extends.

“From coast to coast it doesn’t matter where you are. As a firefighter, we all do the same work, it’s just in a different location. We share that common bond. We show up to work to help other people and we all have that instilled in us and I think that’s why it brings us close together. We share that same common bond is helping our neighbors.”

Their work doesn’t go unnoticed in the community.

“You gotta really want to do it and you’ve gotta dedicate yourself to doing it because its what your job is, protection.”

“24,48 hour shifts, and just jumping at a moment’s notice. I can’t even imagine doing that. Everybody else complains and whines about doing a 9-5 and they just get home and veg out and these guys don’t get to do that. It’s pretty incredible.”

Bean says the fact their work could end in tragedy never enters a firefighters mind.

“We don’t think about what we could leave behind, we just show up for work and do what were supposed to do.”

A passion to help keeps them going.

“It becomes a love for the job. You don’t think about it. When I get up and leave for work, the first thing I think about is what am I going to do for my community today. How am I going to help somebody in need? We’re the ones that they call. There’s not a better feeling in the world to know that you’re the one that there going to call for help.”