Expanding Belfast Shipyard Launches Super-Yacht 

After a winter’s worth of work,  Magic is heading for the water.

“We’re going to move from where it is currently to put her into the water, finally, after six months of work,” said JB Turner.

The Front Street Shipyard has been a welcome addition to the waterfront.

Bringing a steady flow of vessels, and jobs, to Belfast.

They’ve recently announced a new job up the road.

“We’re leasing a facility up in Bucksport to build a 30-foot patrol boat.  We’re also developing an 80-foot version of that patrol boat which would have to be done at this facility,” said Turner.

Shipyard president JB Turner says they already have city-approval to add another building on this waterfront.

“If that happens, that will add several, well 40 or 50 more jobs for this area,” said Turner.

Jobs like Samuel Smith’s.

He’s got a big task as an equipment operator.

Smith’s moving the 136-foot, nearly 200-ton, Magic into the water.

He’s moving the massive lift by remote control.

“We changed so much on the upper decks we have to do a stability check before the boat can go off shore to make sure that it’s safe for the crew,” said Turner.

Turner says another super-yacht is right behind Magic.

He’s says the reputation of Maine shipyards keeps the work coming.

“It’s part of the Maine heritage. You know, we have the boat building tradition, we are known throughout the world for the quality of the craftsmanship , and that’s a good draw for people to come up and make the trek to Maine.”

Magic will in the harbor for about a week before a crew takes her down to meet her owners in South Carolina.