Ellsworth Florist Wins Best in the State 

Marie Patterson is the best floral designer in the state of Maine.

While she’s won first place at the Maine State Florist Association competition representing Newland Nursery and Florist, she says at first she was a bit hesitant about entering.

“It kind if sacred me because I haven’t done them for so long,” she says.

With 38 years of flower power behind her, Marie made a “green-themed” arrangement to get into the top three- ironically she wasn’t allowed to use any flowers.

While Marie is fairly new to Newland Nursery and Florist, she’s no stranger to florist competitions, she’s entered several in the past and she’s done well.

“I have entered other competitions years ago and done fairly well at almost most of the ones that I have entered,” she explains.

In fact, Marie entered her first floral design competition when she was 22 years old. She got first then too.

Her coworkers say she deserves this one.
“She is an excellent excellent excellent designer.”

And going up against all the younger florists confirmed one thing for the veteran designer.

“I still got it,” she says, laughing.

Competition or not she still has two reasons to keep designing:

“The love of flowers and trying to make people smile.”