Bail Set For Bangor Man Accused of Assault on 1-Year-Old Boy

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 10 months ago

Bail was set for a man from Bangor accused of hurting his girlfriend’s one-year-old son.

Matthew McMahan, 21, is charged with assault.

Two weeks ago police got a report of a baby boy in the hospital with an injury to the back of his head that left a lot of bruising.

He’s in jail on $2500 bail with conditions to not contact the victim or mother of the child among other things.

We’re told the baby is doing well and has been released from the hospital.

McMahan, Matthew 4-1-14
  • Kevin McGarry

    Wow, I hope he’s proud of himself. He beat up a one year old! Way to go big man. You showed that kid who’s the man in that house! What a POS. Hey, what’s next? Beating up an eighty year old paraplegic? I bet your mom is so proud of you! Rot in jail dirtbag.