Nokomis Student Combines Passion for Music and Healthcare 

A soon-to-be graduate of Nokomis High School is inspired by both music and healthcare.

Patients at a Pittsfield hospital are helping her find where those pair of passions intersects.

Monday’s aren’t so bad at Sebasticook Valley Hospital.

That’s when Lindsay Mower visits.

The 17-year-old singer from St. Albans has been spending time with patients since October.  It started as a school assignment. But she kept coming back.

“And in the words of a patient, once said, she is just good medicine,” said one hospital employee.

“You can tell when a patient likes music. Their face just starts glowing,” said Mower.

Lindsay isn’t seeking bright lights, fame, or stardom.

“One time I played the song, ‘Don’t worry about a thing’, and a woman started crying and it really touched my heart.  It brought me to tears,” she said.

For her, there’s no stage bigger than the bedside of someone in need.

Her mother Barbara tagged along for the first time Monday.

“It was pretty gratifying to see her and it brought me to tears a few times,” said Barbara.

In September, she’ll begin studying community health education at UMaine Farmington.

“I had been kind of tossing up community health and music to go on for school so I figured this would be the perfect thing to do,” said Mower.

Her melodies can’t cure disease, but for a moment each Monday, she’s brightening spirits through song.