Special Olympics Bowling Team Prepares for National Competition 

A Maine Special Olympics team is preparing for a national competition.

The 2014 team maine bowling team has been gearing up for the competition since October.

Sunday they got a chance to challenge community area teams and sharpen their skills.

Those teams included Hampden Fire and Police workers, Reeds Brook Middle School teachers and students, as well as some familiar faces from TV 5…

Members of the bowling team say the special olympics provides phenomenal opportunities…

(Heather Wheaton-Unified Partner, Special Olympics)”Special olympics is so important. It provides such an opportunity for athletes of any ability to come together and compete, and compete against others at their ability and have opportunities to win medals and be in parts of sports that they wouldn’t have an opportunity to do otherwise.”

(Eric McVay-Alternate, Special Olympics Bowling Team)”It’s great exercise and it builds team comradery and you know it also gets ourselves ready to have a great time in Nationals.”

The national games are June 14th to the 21st in Newark, New Jersey.