Klownfest Not Just Clowning Around 

While many people have a fear of clowns, others love them.

And if you find yourself a clown fan you may have been at the Bangor mall today.

Anah-Shriner clowns from all over the north east came to Bangor for the annual Klownfest.

The clown-crew includes 27 regular clowns and two apprentices.

The fest is a way for all the clowns to get together and meet people… but it wasn’t all just clowning around.

“We all learn how to do balloons and skits and make up and how to joke around. This is a chance to get the guys to come out and actually put on a show and compete. And they’re competing for first, second and third prizes,” explains Piggy, one of the clowns.

The clowns who placed in the competitions won points to go towards getting their Masters.

Each clown needs 52 points to graduate Clown College.