Update: Cigarette Sparks Bucksport Motel Fire 

Fire crews were called out early Friday morning for a fire in Bucksport.

One wing of the Spring Fountain Motel was on fire.

The call came in around 12:30 a.m.

Authorities say a carelessly disposed cigarette ignited the flames.

The fire started in a room on the east wing, then spread into the attic.

There were people staying in the motel at the time.

Most have been relocated.

The others were on their way to work and arrangements will be made later.

Bucksport Fire Chief Craig Bowden says there were heavy flames that did cause problems for crews initially.

“The smoke was billowing down on to the truck and the crew, so, they had a hard time approaching the building, but made a fairly quick knock down of the rooms. The attic was another story. ┬áIt took a while to get at it all,” said Chief Bowden.

There is no word on a cause at this point, but the State Fire Marshal has been called to look for a cause.

One person was taken to the hospital for what’s described as a medical issue.