Young Girl Scouts Give Bangor Veterans Some Tasty Treats

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 10 months ago

Two local girls put sweet smiles on Veterans’ faces Thursday.

Donna Grant and Charlotte Beaulieu of Brownie Troop 228 gave out Girl Scout cookies to residents of the Maine Veterans’ Home in Bangor.

The girls set up shop in different stores asking patrons to buy cookies for veterans.

They wound up delivering 180 boxes.

The activity director says the vets will be eating the cookies at many parties that are planned…served with glasses of milk, of course.



  • Tom Beaulieu

    Daisy Scouts, Donna GALLANT and Charlotte Beaulieu. I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter! They asked while selling to neighbors and family, then had additional signs up at cookie booths at Dunkin Donuts, Lowes, and the Bangor Commissary. They wanted to bring some happiness to the nice vets in Bangor and I think they succeeded!