Kids Learn Problem Solving at Challenger Center 

What would it  take to complete a mission in space? Middle schoolers in Bangor learned Thursday. They took a trip to the Challenger Learning Center.

They learned about NASA’s work at the International Space Station and what they would need to do to complete their mission.

Half the class worked at mission control, the other half played astronaut and took to the space simulator.

“The main purpose is really to get them to work together, to problem solve, to communicate effectively and to get to see why it matters that you’re following procedure, that you’re collecting your data and it’s written in a way people can understand,” said Jennifer Taherrien, Education Director of the Challenger Learning Center. 

“I think we’d have to be like good problem solvers and just not argue, our class is pretty loud so I don’t know how this is going to work out,” said Libby Matson, 6th Grader.

The Challenger Center aims to get kids interested in math, science and technology related fields.